Max Layton Like
"He's a real writer!"
--Leonard Cohen
Praise for
When the Rapture Comes:

"A genuine pleasure to read. A sturdy intelligence at work!"
--Dennis Lee

"Uses irony the way a gem cutter perfects the facets of a diamond!"
--Joe Rosenblatt

"In Max Layton's poems, the word becomes flesh and flesh meets bone!"
--Barry Callaghan

LIKE is about people and things Max likes -- or, sometimes, dislikes. However, the word "like" (which appears in every poem) is more than a feeling; it is also the basis of all simile, and therefore poetry. It is by likening one thing to another that poetry creates meaning. Since all things are alike in some way, LIKE explores the way all things are linked.

A published novelist and short story writer, Max went legally blind more than a decade ago.  It was during this difficult time that he recorded his first CD of original songs and began the poems which would become When The Rapture Comes and In The Garden Of I Am (Guernica, 2012 & 2015). His eyesight restored thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, Max has since released three more albums -- and now his third book of poetry, LIKE.
ISBN-978-1-77183-247-2 / 80 PAGES
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